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Sharing the pie


We like to think that the world could use a few more Basilicos, and we could use a dedicated associate, such as yourself, to help us make it happen. We’re trying to create something for everyone; ourselves, our customers, our employees and our partners. Let’s put our heads together.


Franchise FAQ


Do you franchise individual stores?

Yes, we do franchise individual stores. Franchise for individual outlets is available only till the first five individual franchised outlets.

Do you offer financing for franchising?

No, however, if the company feels that it can be a partner in the franchised outlet it will be to maximum of 25% of the total investment.

If I cannot franchise, but I know of a potential site, will I be compensated by Café Basilico for the information?

While we are always interested in hearing about potential sites for new stores, you will not be compensated for your find.

What would be the division of responsibilities between the franchisee and the franchiser?

As a franchiser we would provide you with everything from the name, recipes, strategies, training, senior kitchen staff, management checks, operational and management software, central marketing, guidelines on selection of real estate, cost control measures, homemade sauces, ingredients, spices. As a franchisee, the investment, local survey and marketing, a good marketing budget, understanding the brand, co operation and dedication, adherence to our franchise agreement, management agreement, working capital up to 1 million rupees, accommodation for staff, setting up an individual bakery, confectionary kitchen and plan of expansion, are your responsibilities.

After the location is finalized, how many months would it take to set it up?

Once the location is finalized by our team, it would take not more than 5 minutes to start business, provide there is no shortage or delay of funds and franchise fee.

What is the average of footfall in each cafe? How much is the cash flow in each?

The average footfall in both the outlets in Mumbai is 280 each day. The cash flow cannot be revealed at this stage.

Please advise the clear financial responsibilities that I would have, the Franchisee fee, Local Marketing, licenses etc. Please specify the average rate of return on the investment as well.

To set up the restaurant and the bakery/confectionary you will have to guarantee an investment of nothing less than 6.5 million rupees (sixty five lakhs).This does not include the property security deposits and license fees and other traveling expenses that you will have to bear. On addition to this you will have to pay the company the franchise and management fee and also guarantee a working capital of 1 million (ten lakhs only).On our further discussion we will transmit a feasibility plan along with projected sales figures and profitability. The average rate of return on investment is approx 30%.

What licenses would I need to obtain?

Firstly you need to make sure that the property you identify for us to freeze upon must be a certified commercial one. The property we suggest should be on lease, if not self owned property. A basic terms and conditions sheet will be mailed to you in order get the best deal possible. You will require a no objection certificate from the owner in order to acquire the required licenses for running a restaurant. To list a few of them: a)no objection letter from the local fire department, b)eating house license from the local municipality, c)registration certificate from the local police department, d)shops and establishment from the local municipality for the property. e) n. o. c from the landlord or society of the property to operate a restaurant in the premises. Other sales tax, income tax and statutory compliances are also required which your chartered account will be able to guide you. Normally there are agents who get all the licenses done at a nominal fee provided all the documents are in place.





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